Outsource Your Project To Us

Through our outsourcing service, you can now share your projects with us and get them completed within hours. With this beneficial service at hand, you no longer need to torture yourself on software projects that you have no expertise in. Our software enthusiasts from the IT team will adorn your project with their unmatched skills. We assure you, the end product will not only be impressive, but it will also be unique and thoroughly creative.

All you need to do is walk us through the project requirements, and we’ll start brainstorming – then and there. We assure you, once you receive the final output, you will no longer overburden yourself, pull all-nighters, or panic to meet deadlines!


Looking For Freelancers?

From NijiAngel’s freelancer service, you can get your web projects and tasks completed by individuals, residing across continents because we believe that demographics should not be an excuse to stop someone’s creative juices from flowing. Our targeted freelancers are not a bunch of randomly chosen individuals who work remotely. They are, in fact, professional software developers who have been carefully selected by our team. Each of these freelancers understand their craft very well; they have been developing codes and dealing with web solutions for years. Therefore, it is safe to say that you wouldn’t be let down. They will formulate flawless softwares, design attractive websites, and lay the foundations of user-friendly mobile, web, and desktop applications.

To ensure optimal client satisfaction, our team will continuously keep up with the freelancer’s work and make sure that the development process reaches its final stage, promptly. We assure you, once you receive the ultimate service, you will be raving about it – for years to come.

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